Our Top Brand Partnerships of 2018

By Minnie Nguyen ● November 21, 2018

Although many of us can remember New Year’s Day like it was this morning, the reality is that 2018 is coming to a close. The chapter is ending. The calendars are wearing thin. It’s time to leap headfirst into a new year and shut the door on this one.

Which is kind of bittersweet – especially considering how good 2018 has been to us! Here at Narcity Media, we’ve accomplished some amazing things in collaboration with some equally amazing brands. This year taught us that positive brand association is a key component to marketing campaigns and yields powerful results; and, like in all things, we’re all better when we work together!

We’re very grateful for everything we’ve accomplished in 2018 and all the wonderful brands we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with. Here’s a look at some of our very best brand partnerships from this year!

Credit: Narcity

Coca Cola’s New Diet Coke Product Launch – Narcity Canada

After 35 years of perfecting everyone’s favorite diet soda, Diet Coke surprised the world by boldly switching things up and releasing four completely brand new flavours. Narcity, of course, had to get in on the fun and help celebrate this launch by bringing all the first-hand scoops, straight from the brand’s New York City activation!

Credit: @theveggieblond

Valentine’s Day x Tourisme Lanaudière – Narcity Quebec

Working with tourism agencies across the country is definitely part of our DNA! Wherever people are, Narcity’s right there, covering all the fun and awesome things to do in that area. Not only do we bring out the best of every spot, but we do it with content that gives our readers the value they’re expecting from us. Here’s a wonderful example of the work we’ve done with Tourisme Lanaudière, in Québec!

Credit: Unsplash

Cannabis Consumption Awareness Campaign – Narcity Quebec

Without a doubt, one of the most trending topics in Canada this year was the long-awaited cannabis legalization. It was only a matter of time before we saw our feeds get flooded with cannabis-related content. Quebec’s cannabis governing body, The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, partnered with Narcity early on to work on an awareness campaign to inform and provide all the facts surrounding cannabis consumption. This campaign was a great fit as it answered some of the most pertinent and frequently asked questions among our millennial audience.

Credit: @spc_card

SPC Student Price Card – Narcity Toronto

For the third year in a row, we’ve partnered with SPC Student Price Card to remind our lovely student readers of all the perks and benefits they can get with this loyalty card. This partnership works because of its natural and obvious fit: student + discounts! With relatable copy and stunning imagery, Narcity + SPC once again wins by helping our audience get access to awesome deals all year long!

Credit: MTL Blog

Our Followers Control Our Lives For 24 Hours In Ottawa – MTL Blog

We’re always super excited when we get to work with partners that give us 100% creative freedom with their activation. Our summer campaign with Ottawa Tourism’s consisted of a full 360-spread, including a full-throttle Instagram takeover with our roster of talents. With this project, we turned the tables around and let our followers dictate our every move while we visited our country’s great capital, highlighting the fun, fascinating and fantastic things to do there!

Credit: Corona Canada

Summer Patios With Corona – Narcity Toronto

One of the greatest advantages of teaming up with a publisher that is focused exactly on what your campaign’s about? You get a partnership that’s not only smooth, but fun too! The content becomes a natural and organic extension of the brand and doesn’t disrupt the user experience. Narcity readers expect local expertise, so highlighting Toronto’s best patios for those summer happy hour nights is great for both the audience and the brand!

Credit: PUMA Canada

PUMA’s New Avid evoKNIT Mosaic – Narcity Canada

This piece is an excellent case study that showcases how Narcity effectively practices positive brand association. Instead of opting for a piece that would’ve essentially been a poster ad for PUMA’s new shoe, we created 3-part series of editorial aimed at associating the brand with a story that our users can 100% relate to, all while resonating with the brand’s core values. We made sure to build the right context and environment, which enabled our users to be in the right state of mind when consuming the content. In this way, the content had a higher chance of converting to a coveted positive emotion in the mind of our audience!

Credit: Unsplash

TD Life Insurance – Narcity Canada

With this partnership, we were put to the challenge of taking a topic that most people don’t like to talk about in our day and age and making it relatable and relevant. Educating a younger audience about insurance isn’t always the easiest task – but TD Insurance and Hill+Knowlton Strategies knew that teaming up with us would allow for some peace of mind, as we always make sure we address any subject, tricky or not, with the right tone. We know how to talk to millennials because, well, we are millennials!

Credit: Narcity

Finding Confidence with PUMA x Sport Check – Narcity Original

We love when brand partnerships propel us into creating something that can live forever on our platforms. We were incredibly spoiled when PUMA jumped on board and became the first sponsor to our pilot show that revolves around transforming ordinary guys from “Drab to Fab” and help boost their confidence. Easily some of our best work, the video racked up over 140K views on YouTube alone and integrated the brand in a very seamless manner.

Thanks to all of the partners and clients that we’ve had the opportunity to work with this year! There are, of course, many more incredible content partnerships beyond this list (but we’d be writing a phone book if we went on!). Thank you for allowing us to create exciting content and contribute to this growing industry!

Connect with us if you see a fit with your brand!