Narcity Media Group Makes Dark Mode Available On All Websites

It might be the spooky Halloween air, or the Daylight Saving Time approaching, but Narcity Media Group’s websites have gotten a makeover this weekend, allowing users to browse on and in dark mode.

This new feature became available on Narcity on October 29th and was launched this morning, on MTL Blog.

Numerous studies have proven that surfing on the web in dark mode might be beneficial for users' eyes, their battery life, and the environment, in certain cases. One study conducted by Purdue University presents findings that suggest that users who switched their settings from light mode to dark mode while being outside on a sunny day saw an increase of an average of 39-47% in their battery life. 

Another study by Harvard University has found that dark mode might reduce sleep disruptions. In a medical sense, the brain naturally produces more melatonin, the chemical that makes you sleepy, when it becomes dark outside. Lights and screens produce blue light, which can disrupt the production of melatonin levels, resulting in an increase in sleep latency. Dark mode helps mitigate the effects of blue light.

Be sure to check out and when your phone, tablet, or computer is set to “dark mode” to automatically experience our new features.