Rally x Drive-Thru

Introducing New Rally™ Advertising Opportunities

Just a few days ago, Narcity Media Group (NMG) proudly announced the launch of  Rally™, our new local creator talent agency. Rally™ is set to revolutionize the Canadian creator economy by shining a spotlight on local talent and building a new type of distribution network. As part of this exciting venture, we're thrilled to unveil our new advertising solutions with the collaboration of Drive-Thru, our small business marketing service.

Let's get started:

Branded Content & Licensing

Our branded content service is a fully managed solution that covers everything from content creation, creator sourcing, campaign management and distribution across the creators' social platforms. This service ensures your brand message resonates deeply with niche & engaged audiences, offering:

  • Fully managed service that includes campaign management and a full transparency / performance report once the campaign is over
  • Creator selection & roster by audience size, category and engagement rate
  • Managed amplification services to get the guaranteed results you are looking for
  • Licensing options for flexible content use with brands
  • Category exclusivity options for standout visibility and impact

Product Seeding / Mailer Subscription

Rally™ is rolling out a Product Seeding/Mailer Subscription service for brands and agencies looking for earned media opportunities within the Local Creator Economy.

Here's how it works:

  1. Every month, you select a number of creators to send your products too within the Rally™ network
  2. You then send your products to our fulfillment centre, we will handle shipment to all creators
  3. Once the products received, Creators that love your product post about their experience on their channels
  4. We send you a report of successful seedings every month
  5. You then have the opportunity to license out that content for your own advertising uses

Product Seeding with Rally™ is a non-instrusive, easy and cost effective way to gain earned media within the Creator Economy in Canada.

Our Product Seeding subscription is a minimum of 6 months commitment and does not include shipping fees.

Why Work with Rally™?

Rally™'s mission is about cultivating a thriving ecosystem for local Canadian creators, providing them with the resources to grow and succeed in their communities. Through Rally™, your brand becomes an integral part of a larger narrative, deeply connected with local communities and creators across Canada.

By collaborating with Rally™, you tap into a broad network of creators, each with a uniquely engaged audiences across various verticals, ensuring high-impact and effective campaigns.

Reach out to us through our contact form to find out more about our packages or book a call.