5 Questions To Help You Target The Right Audience

Is finding your target audience harder than you thought? Don’t know where to start?

You came to the right place. 

One of the first steps in a marketing strategy is to understand and determine who your target audience is so that you can reach them in the best possible way. It’s impossible to please and attract everyone but determining your potential customers and buyers can save time and money. 

We’re sharing our top 5 questions that will help you identify your target audience.

Identify the personal demographics of your customers

- Who are they?
- How old are they?
- Where do they live?
- What are their behaviours and interests?

Identify their purchase behaviour

- Do your customers currently buy products or services similar to yours?  
- What specific things do they have in common?

Identify the marketing channels they use

- Social media? News? TV?
- How can you best reach them?
- Who do they trust?

social media


Identify how they interact with other brands

- Do they engage with them?

Identify the type of content that appeals to them

- Special offers, engagement content, product news, contests?

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