Rally, our new creator talent agency

Narcity Media Group Launches New Creator Talent Agency, Rally™

Narcity Media Group (NMG) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new local creator talent agency, Rally™. Rally's mission is to organize and accelerate the growth of Canadian talent, focusing on local creators who might be overlooked by larger talent agencies that prioritize creators with a broad, global appeal and following.

NMG's latest division aims to sign up 250 local creators across Canada by the end of 2024, offering a wide array of advertising opportunities for brands and agencies eager to engage in the local creator economy. These advertising solutions will vary, encompassing everything from single-creator activations to multi-creator, cross-market and cross-vertical activations, along with content licensing agreements and more.



To spearhead Rally, NMG is delighted to welcome Tristan Rahman as the Head of Creator Partnerships. Tristan, who is also the Co-Founder of Rizer Social AI, a creator management platform, and brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the team.

"The global Creator Economy is on track to double in size to $480 billion by 2027, indicating serious growth. We believe there's a significant, yet largely untapped opportunity in Canada's market, particularly for local creators. Launching Rally as part of our Marketplace products & services is an exciting step for us. It aligns perfectly with our decentralized distribution model that embraces the creator economy. Rally is a key part of our mission to build the future of local media, and we're eager to demonstrate the significant impact local creators can have." - Chuck Lapointe, CEO at Narcity Media Group.


“This is an incredible opportunity to reaffirm Narcity Media Group’s cultural authority in Canada and embrace the true potential of creator marketing into its advertising solutions. Rally plays a pivotal role in connecting the stories of talented and underserved creators across all local markets here in Canada.” says Tristan Rahman, Head of Creator Partnerships @ Narcity Media Group. “Our mission is to ensure creators in our network have the resources they need to flourish in their content journey, visibility and access to top brands that align with their values and foster a sense of community that is rooted in Canadian pride. We set out to solve the challenge of fragmentation with creator marketing across Canada through world class process, proprietary tech, and outstanding results with content and performance with the best creators this nation has to offer.”

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