Narcity Media Chosen For Facebook News Innovation Initiative

Narcity Media, Canada’s leading Millennial and Gen Z publisher, is excited to become one of a handful of Canadian publishers to join Facebook’s News Innovation Test. 

Narcity, alongside thirteen other organizations in Canada, has been selected to participate in this initiative aiming to promote a healthy news ecosystem, elevate authoritative journalism, and deliver a valuable experience for people on Facebook who are interested in news.

“Narcity Media is thrilled to partner with Facebook Canada as one of the first Canadian publishers to join the News Innovation Test,” Maxmillien Rosenberg, Narcity Media’s Director, Social Publishing, said. “Through the partnership with Facebook Canada, we are able to accelerate expansion into our local Narcities as we continue to scale our capacity for hyper-local storytelling, content creation, live video, and audience growth in Canada and look to expand in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.”

As part of this initiative, Facebook will pay publishers to link to news stories not yet posted on Facebook in an effort to assist readers who are looking for trusted Canadian news about important topics. For example, this might include adding additional links to local and national news to hubs like the COVID-19 Information Centre, Climate Science Information Centre, or other information hubs or new surfaces when they are available.

To learn more on this initiative, visit the Facebook Journalism Project at or read their announcement here.

Contact Info:
Valerie Durocher
Marketing Manager