Narcity Media Group Launches Technality Podcast

Narcity Media Group is proud to announce the launch of its new podcast, Technality, a weekly exploration of how new technology is shaping the future of humanity, for better or worse. Geared towards millennials and Gen-Zers grappling with a fast-changing world, the topics and issues covered are relevant to any human being alive on the planet today. 

“While the topics are often heavy, Technality gives me a space to speak to and highlight the people fighting for a better future,” said host and producer Jacqueline Swan. “I look at hosting the podcast as a way to deal with not only my existentialism but everyone's fears as we move forward into more concerning times.”

Whether it’s navigating the metaverse, understanding artificial intelligence, preparing for nuclear war, or standing against sexual exploitation online, Technality tackles the tech-related topics that demand to be questioned. 

“Humanity is living through a big transformation led by new technologies, and this podcast is here to help understand it and navigate through it,” said Executive Producer of Global Brands, Owen Leitch. “What do we want our lives to look like in the future? That’s the underlying question that runs through every episode.”

Narcity recently partnered with Acast, the world's largest independent podcast company, to host, distribute, and monetize Technality. Heather Gordon, Managing Director for Canada at Acast, said: "Technality is a perfect representation of the compelling, high-quality audio storytelling Narcity has become known for — with the series already capturing widespread attention and being spotlighted by both Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music right after its launch.”

New episodes of the podcast are released every Wednesday and are available wherever you get your podcasts.

About The Host:

Jacqueline Swan is a host and podcast producer with a deep love for science fiction and futurism. When she's not sucked into audio editing, you can find her exploring escape rooms and escaping Toronto to explore the world.

About The Brand:

Technality is a global brand by Narcity Media Group that focuses on all things future, tech and humanity. It examines the way new technologies shape our lives and asks poignant questions about the future they lead us towards. Technality produces video content on all social platforms in addition to the podcast.