Narcity Media Joins The National NewsMedia Council & Announces Record-Breaking 2020

Narcity Media, Canada's leading publisher for millennials, is proud to announce that it has joined The National NewsMedia Council (NNC). 

Established in 2015, Canada's National NewsMedia Council is a voluntary, self-regulatory journalism standards and ethics body for the English-language news media industry in the country.

"At the National NewsMedia Council of Canada, we are all thrilled to welcome Narcity as our newest member," said John Fraser, executive chair of the NNC.

"Building an important new relationship in the midst of challenging times for everyone is not just outstanding testimony to the value of responsible, ethical journalism."

Narcity Media's membership in the NNC represents a new era for the rapidly-growing publisher as they expand their original reporting. The Council's public service and educational work aligns perfectly with the ambitious goals Narcity Media has for their young audience.

"We are thrilled to be joining our esteemed colleagues at the National NewsMedia Council. This is proof of all the hard work we've put into elevating our journalism and providing our readers with the most fascinating and essential stories about their world," Narcity Media's Director of Content, Laurie Bergeron, said. "And the timing is excellent; in March we had a record-breaking month where one out of every three Canadians read our incredible content."

In April, reached 1.7M people in a single day through their engaging, accurate, and candid picture of news events and trends. The website recently made its way in Canada's top 40 most-read websites, according to comScore.

"Narcity's editorial mission, to both inform and engage younger audiences, with original storytelling, is critical in today's uncertain times," said Pat Perkel, the NNC's executive director.

"As Narcity Media expands operations across Canada, the NNC is excited to be alongside to ensure the journalism standards run in tandem with the values of accuracy and accountability that are at the core of our mandate."

"Narcity Media has always evolved at break-neck speed and this partnership marks a momentous time in our history," Chuck Lapointe, founder and CEO, added. "We are excited to have [the NNC's] support as we fulfill our mission delivering the most interesting news and travel journalism to Canadians from coast to coast."