Narcity Media Selected By Apple Maps Guides In Canada For All-New Initiative

Apple recently introduced an all-new Apple Maps and launched Guides in Canada. Narcity Media is proud to be a trusted local resource for this new initiative and has launched 15 Guides across the country, including in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Québec City, Banff, Calgary and Edmonton. In Calgary and Edmonton. Narcity is the only publisher at launch to produce Guides for these remarkable cities.

According to Apple, Guides are available to help people “discover great places around the world to eat, shop, and explore.” Guides are curated lists created by publishers, such as Narcity, showcasing the most alluring, compelling and fascinating places to visit and discover in the world’s cities.

"Narcity Media is thrilled to partner with Apple on their new Guides in Canada. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Québec City, Banff, Calgary and Edmonton are fascinating cities with so many gems to discover — and now our local guides, written by local experts, will help people around the world discover them too,” commented Emily Anne Epstein, Editor-in-Chief at Narcity Media. "We have created 15 Guides across Canada and will continue to introduce more for Apple Maps in the months and years ahead. This is just the beginning of a great adventure."

You can check out all of Narcity Media’s Guides on Apple Maps, or you can visit each one by following the links below: 

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