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HIDDEN (Mini-Series)

Season 1: Montreal

Embark on an adventure through five of Montreal’s most interesting, mysterious, and unusual secret places. From giants hanging high above the city to a 15,000-year-old cave beneath busy streets, join your host Alex Melki and discover Montreal’s best-hidden spots.

Ep 01: This Is What Montreal’s Creepy Abandoned Pink House Looks Like Up Close
Ep 02: We Went Into Montreal’s Massive Hidden 15,000-Year-Old Cave
Ep 03: We Found 3 Of Montreal’s Massive 'Sleeping Giants' Hidden In Plain Sight
Ep 04: This Secret 'Alien' Park in Montreal Feels Like You're Stepping Onto Another Planet
Ep 05: Surfing Montreal's Hidden Endless Wave

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FOOD TRIP (Mini-Series)

Season 1: Montreal

Whether you’re visiting Montreal or just rediscovering your own city, delicious food options are everywhere. Since there’s so much to choose from in such little time, we’re going to do the hard work for you and hit up the city’s most exciting food spots in under four hours, with only $100.

Ep 01: Montreal's Juiciest, Wildest, Bucket List Burgers
Ep 02: We Ate All Of Montreal's Bucket List Fried Chicken With Just 4 Hours & $100
Ep 03: Montreal's Cheesiest, Most Famous, Bucket List Poutines
Ep 04: Montreal's Sweetest, Most Ridiculous Bucket List Ice Cream
Ep 05: 5 Best Montreal Pizza Spots You Need On Your Bucket List

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GOOD BITES (Ongoing Series)

Good Bites is back with even more food in Montreal for you to bite into! The city is moving to takeout only and so are we. Sit down with your host Alex Melki as he orders in from the tastiest, must-eat spots in Montreal, get facetime with the chefs behind these mouthwatering dishes, and discover new places to please your palate!

Ep 01: Montreal's Newest Fried Chicken Spot Is Now Available For Takeout
Ep 02: Montreal's Hot New Caribbean Spot Now Does Takeout
Ep 03: Montreal's New Italian Doughnut Spot Delivers Right To Your Door
Ep 04: You Can Order Takeout From The Cheesiest Food Spot In Montreal
Ep 05: You Can Get Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches In Montreal
Ep 06: Montreal's New Korean Street Food Restaurant Is Officially Open

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FIRST UP (Ongoing Series)

Don’t just watch the news experience it! Join host Alex Melki as he brings you on location to get a first-hand look at what’s happening in your city right now. From news stories to trendy new activities, this is your all-access pass into what’s going on in Montreal.

Ep 01: You Can Drive Through A Halloween Village Made Of 15-Million Lights At Illumi In Laval
Ep 02: The Wildest, Super-Sized Items You Can Only Find At A Costco Business Centre
Ep 03: Montreal's Enormous New UNIQLO Opens Today & Here's What You'll Find Inside
Ep 04: A Walking Tour Of Montreal’s New REM Train Cars
Ep 05: This Enchanted Christmas Alley Is Now Open In Montreal

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