Our State of the Canadian Media Industry 2024 Report is Live!

The media industry in Canada is at a crossroads, with evolving challenges and emerging opportunities shaping its future. At Narcity Media Group, we're committed to staying at the forefront of these changes. Our latest endeavor, the "State of the Canadian Media Industry 2024" survey is a testament to this commitment.

Our extensive survey, engaging professionals primarily in advertising and marketing, has uncovered critical trends that are reshaping the media landscape.


Key insights include:

  • Visibility and ROI Concerns: Canadian advertisers are primarily concerned about visibility and measuring ROI for top-of-the-funnel campaigns when it comes to advertising with media organizations.
  • Economic Adaptation: In the face of economic uncertainties, many advertisers are maintaining or only slightly reducing their marketing budgets for brand awareness. This shows a resilient focus on long-term brand presence.
  • Value Proposition of Media Organizations: There's a split opinion among advertisers about the value proposition of media organizations compared to content creators. This division reflects a competitive landscape where media organizations need to differentiate and innovate.
  • Emerging Advertising Trends: A notable shift is the growing interest in influencer collaborations and digital advertising technologies, alongside a keen focus on privacy-centered advertising models.


These findings offer just a glimpse into the detailed analysis available in the full report. They reflect the complex dynamics at play in the Canadian media industry and the need for informed, strategic decision-making.

For a deeper dive into these insights and to understand how they can inform your strategies in the evolving media landscape, we invite you to explore the complete report by clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

View the Full Report Here