Introducing Boulevard, Our New Events Division

I feel like this has been a long time coming.

For over a decade, Narcity Media Group has actively promoted the best events and activities in our cities, producing more than 100,000 original articles nationwide.

We pride ourselves on our ability to curate the most significant and outstanding offerings our city has to offer. Over the years, we've consistently achieved this and are excited to continue providing firsthand experience reviews and exclusive previews through our media brands.

Fast forward to February 2024, and we believe it's time for us to venture into original event production.

Here's why:

  • Digital media is becoming increasingly commoditized. Real-life interactions and events present an opportunity for us to leverage our brand equity and content expertise, transforming these into unforgettable real-life experiences.
  • The Creator Economy is just beginning. We aim to unite Creators and their fans in authentic, real-life experiences.
  • The Local Economy needs support. Our mission is to connect people with their city through memorable experiences and content. Local businesses need more meaningful ways to engage with their audiences.

I am thrilled to introduce Boulevard, our new events division, to the Narcity Media Group family. Focused on fostering Creator Conversations and Meet & Greets, Boulevard will begin its journey in partnership with Rally, our local creator talent agency.

To spearhead our new events division and initiatives, we've appointed Alexandre Boccardi, a seasoned events professional with over a decade of experience in the event industry. Most recently, he led Fever Originals in Canada, organizing popular events such as the Candlelight Concerts.

"When we started discussing the early vision for Boulevard, the synergy with the rest of Narcity and Rally was obvious right away." says Alexandre Boccardi. "What better way to create additional earning opportunities for Content Creators and small businesses than helping them connect with their audience, while also playing a key role in shaping the future of local media! And what better time to do it than right now, when Canadian medias are at a key turning point." 


To learn more about Boulevard and buy your ticket for our first event, visit


About Boulevard

Boulevard brings together creators and fans in a dynamic series of pop-up events and insightful panels, fostering authentic, real-life connections and energizing the creative economy.

About Rally

Rally™ is the new talent and creator division at Narcity Media and exists to support Canadian creators in growing as a community, build solid brands, gain recognition, increase earnings, and uplift local businesses.