Narcity Media Earns Great Place To Work Certification

We are thrilled to announce that we are certified as a Great Place to Work! This certification was granted after a thorough assessment conducted by Great Place to Work Institute Canada, and based on direct feedback from our employees, gathered through an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience. 

To earn this certification, the GPW Institute of Canada assessed our employees' perceptions of our digital workplace and culture based on these categories: Fairness, Credibility, Respect, Camaraderie, and Pride. This certification recognizes that our efforts to create the best digital work culture of the new world mirror our team's workplace expectations.

We are proud and empowered to carry our employees' trust as their chosen employer. We will continue to build a company culture that accounts for successful business outcomes while highlighting and integrating our people's perceptions & opinions into the company DNA. This is only possible via a constant and never-ending feedback loop that we keep polishing with our people's best interest always at the front of our organization. 

“At Narcity Media, we are committed to treating everyone who joins (or leaves), how I would’ve wanted to be treated on the front line: with respect, autonomy and transparency,” Chuck Lapointe, CEO and Founder of Narcity Media said.“The company exists to serve our people, not the other way around. The GPW certificate proves that we are on the right track!” 

For us, a great place to work starts with the people. We are committed to constantly refining our hiring processes, enhancing employee benefits, and adapting based on the feedback we consolidate from our people. We will never stop putting energy into making Narcity a safe space where employees can thrive as their true selves, grow, and feel valued.

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