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Re-envisioning our content for the future

As a leader in local news and culture across North America, Narcity Media has always been at the forefront of changes in our industry. To say we are at a tipping point is probably an understatement. The media business is being (and has been) challenged from all sides ever since Google launched in 1998. I don’t think we could have ever imagined where we are now just 10 years ago.


The Evolution of Media Consumption

We are entering a new era with artificial intelligence (AI) specifically Generative AI, which creates content from scratch  now about to dominate the value chain. Users will no longer need to click on links to scan for the information they are looking for, they will simply need to ask the chatbot with text (or their voice)…. And Boom bada bheem… everything you needed to know neatly summarized (in anyone’s tone or voice) character by character directly in your chat interface.

Reading and watching non-generative AI content will eventually become the exception and no longer the norm. Quality and genuine human experiences will reign. This will fundamentally alter the core function of the Internet (navigating links) as we know it and will be a major challenge for all media businesses relying purely on digital advertising and eyeball scale for their revenue.


Narcity Media Group's Strategy for the Future

In this context, how does Narcity Media Group plan to evolve? 

Here are a few key initiatives: 

  1. Having a successful media business means aiming towards consumer revenue first, advertising second. When value is aligned to building content and experiences that our users are willing to pay for, everyone wins. Free is never really free and the price has been “crappy” and intrusive reading experiences packed with ads for too long. It was a necessary evil.
  2. Cutting down content output considerably with a focus on longer-form and real human experience reporting. We'll bring our readers closer to the events and people shaping their cities by investing more in in-depth articles as well as doubling down on our positive coverage and verticals such as Travel, Eat & Drink, Money and Lifestyle vs. the more general news approach we’ve pivoted to since COVID.
  3. Launching a Membership offering to unlock new experiences across our websites such as providing unlimited access to our new AI Valet, a gamified reading experience, and giving  you access to exclusive content across our core markets.

Embracing the Future of Media

As we reflect on the landscape of digital publishing, we acknowledge that the allure of free traffic and marketing from search engines and social media led us, like many others, to lose sight of our true value alignment our dedicated readers. The adage "Pageviews = revenue" became a mantra that clouded our vision.

But in recognizing this, we find not a cause for dismay, but a reason for optimism. We're in a situation of our own making, but it's a powerful catalyst for change.

We see a future where local media doesn't have to rely on external support but thrives independently through sound business economics. A future where media companies, big and small, can afford to invest in quality human storytelling and deliver unique value that transcends the purely quantitative measure of pageviews.

Our users and the world are ready for a shift in power dynamics, craving a media experience that's more personal, engaging, and human (cue the creator economy). As we embrace AI technology and focus on our core, we're poised to lead this change and deliver exactly that. This powerful tool isn't replacing our human touch it's amplifying it, enabling us to streamline our processes and concentrate on what truly matters: telling more genuine, voice-led stories. We're harnessing AI to bring you the unique narratives and perspectives that shape our communities. It's our mission to deliver not just content, but experiences that resonate with our readers on a deeper, more personal level.

We are excited about the future, and with your support, we're committed to building the best of local media in North America. Together, let's redefine what the industry can and should be.


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Onwards and upwards,


CEO, Narcity Media Group