Narcity VR Experiences: Living Something Without Ever Actually Experiencing It

By Chuck Lapointe ● October 30, 2017

Ever since we started experimenting with our Narcity Experiences videos and our EXPLORE YOUR CITY series earlier this summer, we’ve found and analyzed a few interesting behaviours across dozens of our videos.

First, when the video is pushed on our Facebook pages and / or our YouTube channel, we’ve realized our viewers actually prefer imagining themselves doing something than actually doing it. Weird, right?

Well, we’ve asked a few of our viewers (the ones that tagged their friends or planned to experience whatever we talked about in the video) if they actually ended up doing the activity after tagging their friends.

Most of them ended up saying no.

Either through laziness, a lack of deep interest or their friends bailing on them might all be valid excuses, but I’d like to think that we, as human beings, love imagining ourselves living these awesome and unique activities because it’s part of our DNA, it’s part of our story that we want to create for ourselves. By tagging our friends in posts, it’s our own little way of creating this story. What surprised me though is the actual level of interest in actually living these activities. It seems like most people prefer staying at home watching the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix. Ok, that does sound like my type of activity. 🙂

Maybe it’s our subconscious, or maybe we do it willingly, I’m not a psychologist, but I’d be inclined to think that there is a pattern here, and where there are patterns, there’s opportunity. In this case, it’s with Virtual Reality.

Meet Narcity VR Experiences

Together, with our friends from iAmGeniusVR, a VR production company from Montreal, we decided to start experimenting with VR and see our audience would react to it, mainly through Facebook. We wanted to make sure we weren’t just doing VR to do VR (because that’s what most people do). The first test we did was with Zombies and La Ronde, Québec’s largest theme park, because, what else do you want more this Halloween season?

Here’s the VR experience (try it out if you have the equipment, or just watch using the 3D view, also cool):

The Future of VR

We think that in the future (when VR becomes mainstream enough for anyone to be able to watch it on the go without having to carry a 1 pound VR headset around with them), there will be A LOT of demand around living experiences through Virtual Reality, before experiencing it in real-life.

Imagine this.

You’ve planned a trip to Bali, Indonesia, with your significant other and you’re leaving in 7 days. Both of you are extremely busy with work and you didn’t get the time to plan your trip apart of buying the essentials and planning your flights, etc.

You open up the Narcity app (coming soon 🙂 – or any other app that could offer this), put on your VR glasses and tap play on the “Perfect 7 Day Bali Trip” VR experience”. The VR experience is about 15 minutes long and guides you, virtually, through everything you need to know and see in Bali, catered to your interests.

There will be two possible conclusions to come from this experience. Either you will hate it, and change your travel plans last minute to something more interesting (and regret not checking the VR experience earlier to avoid paying cancellation fees), or you will actually adjust your plans according to what you loved and hated the most from the VR experience. This changes everything.

There’s honestly thousands of different use cases where VR could revolutionize real-life experiences, but we think it’s really all about experiencing something without having to actually experience it.


We hope to be able to create more VR Experiences for our readers and encourage our clients, the courageous ones, to join us in this new way of experiencing the best and showcasing the best of our cities.

What do you think VR will be used for in the future?



Cover photo by Paul Bence