How We Brought McDonald’s New Burger Campaign To Life Using Instagram Stories

By Chuck Lapointe ● October 4, 2017

Earlier in September, we were mandated by Weber Shandwick to come up with some ideas on how we could help amplify McDonald’s new ground activation (in downtown Montreal) for their new Angus Burger.

Our first reflex was to suggest an Instagram Story, and thankfully, they were receptive to the idea! 🙂

Here’s why an Instagram Story was the best way to advertise their activation:

Instagram Stories are the best way to promote “real life” activations

They give the user (our fans) a preview of the real thing. Instagram also offers many cool features that help us bring the story to life, such as live interaction polls, clickable maps, clickable “client hashtags” and cool video effects like you can see in our story below.

You can watch our Instagram Story here.

All the emotion you can condense in 10 second clips

Instagram Stories is exactly what it’s supposed to mean, Stories. Storytelling is the #1 way to communicate a brand message without sounding too boring or too overly promotional. Users loved our story for McDonald’s because it was genuine, fun and related with our brand.

Don’t overcomplicate things

As you saw in the story, we kept things simple, straight forward and fun. This allowed us to plug the brands Facebook channels subtly but still place them in a way where people who are interested in the brand, can act. We split the Instagram Story into 12 mini-clips of 10 seconds each, and each clip received a bit over 10,000 impressions each.

You can see details in the screenshot below.



Interested in doing an Instagram Story for your client or your own business?

Great choice. We suggest this little checklist for your first Instagram Story, no matter which media brand or Influencer you end up doing it with.

  1. Ask for a storyboard. This one is important. Yes, you want to give creative freedom to the influencer or media brand, but you also want to make sure they will respect your brand guidelines to a certain extent. Any real influencer will understand this.
  2. Ask for examples of what they’ve done in the past. You want to know what to expect from a quality standpoint before deep diving into your first Instagram Story. I’ve seen some pretty horrible executions I would’ve never wanted my brand associated to. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen to you.
  3. Ask for the full Instagram Story video and a report (with screenshots). In the case you weren’t able to watch it from Instagram or need to show your boss, you can ask them to “Download” the Story and send it to you. You also need to ask for screenshots of the views, to make sure your campaign was effective (that’s until Instagram makes it easier to access reporting).


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