Creating Impactful Content For Your Business

By Chuck Lapointe ● February 13, 2018

featured image via @ Pierre Saladin on Unsplash

I was just recently invited to participate at a workshop for DECA @ University of Ottawa, a non-profit organization that helps undergrads develop essential business skills for after they graduate. I decided to gear the workshop towards something I truly think is important for young grads to have a better grasp on before entering the workforce; how to create impactful content. Not only is it an essential skill to master in any student entering the workforce, but it’s essential for being able to sell yourself to a new employer or to perform basic tasks such as updating your social networks or creating your own personal brand.

The workshop I created is called “Creating Impactful Content For Your Business” and I thought I’d share with you the key points for people who are interested in learning more on how to create impactful content for your business (or sharpen your existing content skills).

Why Great Content Is Important

  1. Great content showcases what’s great about your business or brand. Your business might actually be awesome, but if you don’t showcase it with great content, no one outside the company will know.
  2. Great content gives you an edge over your competitors. Too often we make choices to do business with someone who has engaging content, over someone who doesn’t.
  3. Great content creates a micro-community around your own business and brand that is CRITICAL to surviving in the digital age.

An actual example

Below I have an example of two companies from Western Canada that specialize in the same industry: data management. Where would you rather work?


If you went with DevFacto, you’re like 95% of the students in the workshop.

I highlighted some of the key points that make DevFacto’s photo and content piece more interesting to a potential applicant.

Other tips given during the Workshop

During the workshop, I also wanted to highlight some common mistakes that “content creators” do when they first start creating content at a new job they just started, or for their own brand.

When you create a video for Facebook

I don’t often see videos in my Facebook newsfeed that have low engagement. And that’s because Facebook’s algorithm won’t prioritize videos that have low engagement. How do you make sure the video you’re creating to go on Facebook will have great engagement?

Follow this checklist:

When you create a blog post to pitch to a publisher

I get this question often from PR people; how can we get a story published on or without paying? Naturally, my first reaction is to tell them make sure the story or pitch you’re sending us is WOW. And naturally, most pitches we receive aren’t. I think the basics of blog post writing should be a mandatory class in college.

Until this happens though, I’ll give a quick checklist for you to check off for your next blog post:

When you create photos to post on Instagram

When I included Instagram in my workshop, this was the one content type I was sure the students would nail. It turned out to be the worst. I thought about it over the weekend, and I think I found an explanation. There is this constant influx and stream of beautiful, trendy and over the top pictures / media appearing in your Instagram feed daily. Could it be that there’s barely any “brand content” appearing in my feed? Actually, there are tons, and the ones you’ll notice DON’T look like brand pictures, they are seamless and well integrated in your feed.

Here’s a quick check list to make sure you nail your next Instagram photo:

What are some bad & great content examples you’ve seen online?