Laval, Quebec


Mathys, a 20-year-old gymnastics talent, began his journey in the sport at the age of 9 years old, making the bold decision at the early age of 14 to move away from home to pursue his passion. With a foundation built on consistency and resilience, Mathys Jalbert quickly rose through the ranks to become a standout athlete. In 2022, he clinched second  place at the national championships, showcased his skill and dedication on a grand stage, and contributed to their team’s success by securing a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games and a bronze at the Pan American championships in Rio. Now, with sights set on a new pinnacle of achievement, Mathys is ardently preparing for the 2028 Olympics, aiming to represent his country on one of the grandest stages in sports. Followers can join Mathys’s exhilarating journey towards his Olympic dream.

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