Calgary, Alberta


Ese Umoh is a passionate creator who uses the power of social media to share her personal and professional experience with immigration, lifestyle, and the immigrant settlement experience in Canada. Her keen interest is fostering understanding and empathy for immigrants and the immigrant experience through personal stories, insights, and practical tips to help newcomers navigate their journey in a new country.
Through a blend of informative videos, heartfelt narratives, and vibrant visuals, Ese connects with a diverse audience, providing valuable resources, tips, and advice.
Whether it is sharing practical advice on settling into a new community, exploring the multicultural aspects of the Canadian lifestyle, or advocacy, Ese's work goes beyond creating content as it builds bridges of understanding and compassion in the digital landscape. Brands will be able to reach newcomers and other immigrants through her platform because she has built a loyal immigrant/newcomer community who are constantly looking for guidance on brands, and more generally on their ability to settle in Canada.

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