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Narcity is local news you'll care about.
Narcity is loving your city so much you choose to share it with the world.
Narcity is creating a trip itinerary or crossing things off your bucket list.
Narcity is sharing the best of's or tips & tricks with your girlfriends or significant other.
Narcity is about developing talent - creating writers to be editors and influencers to be producers.

Founded in 2013, Narcity Media focuses on creating content and products for millennials in Canada and the US. We reach over 1 million people daily across our digital platforms and growing.

We care about making an impact with people who care about value and expect the same from applicants.

We also love coffee ☕, beer 🍺, slang words 🙊 and reality TV 📺 (we don't judge).

If you love all these things and feel like you can make an impact within our company, apply using the open positions below.

Open positions