Smirnoff Ice Successfully Weaves Into Québec's Summer Celebrations with Narcity's local storytelling

Summer 2023
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In the competitive Ready to Drink (RTD) scene, Smirnoff Ice aimed to give a new spin to cocktails in a way that resonated with the Quebec market.

We didn’t just mix a drink; we mixed in a cultural celebration. Picture this: Blue-hued cocktail creations for the St-Jean-Baptiste festivities taking center stage, with Smirnoff Ice as the star. Our strategy? To weave Smirnoff Ice into the fabric of Quebec’s vibrant summer culture. We launched a video with a humorous twist, showcasing a refreshing cocktail recipe using local Quebec ingredients and the journey continued with an array of inventive recipes that transformed favorite drinks into summer delights.


Our campaign didn’t just offer a drink; it offered a culturally relevant experience, elevating Québec summer festivities. The result? A deeper connection with our French Quebec audience, who aren’t just looking for another drink recipe but a way to enrich their cherished moments. The metrics spoke columns, soaring beyond targets, and weaving Smirnoff Ice seamlessly into the Quebecois summer narrative.

Key Results

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Guaranteed 15 sec video views
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  • 2 Performance Content Packages (w/ 2 articles)
  • 1 video
  • 1 custom IG carousel
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