Reitmans Appeals to Trendsetting Millennials on Narcity with Vox Pop

Fall 2023

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Reitmans stepped into the spotlight with a bold ambition: to shed their "it's your moms store" image and position themselves as a trendy, fashionable brand for ‘Inspired Styler’ millennial women in Canada, with a focus on the Ontario market.  

Our game plan at Narcity? We took to the vibrant streets of Toronto with a Vox pop approach, showcasing Reitmans' fall collection in a way that turned heads and sparked surprise. Imagine passersby discovering the stylish outfits they admired, only to learn they were from Reitmans — effectively changing their perception of the brand.


The campaign was a hit with its audience, brilliantly overachieving its video view targets by 25% and effectively engaging the sought-after 25-44 female demographic, with this group constituting a significant portion of our total impressions. This wasn't just a campaign; it was a narrative that our audience, who look to us for inspiration and the latest in fashion, naturally gravitated towards, expecting nothing less from Narcity's rich storytelling tapestry. 

This campaign is a testament to how a brand can reinvent itself and resonate with a new generation, all while staying true to its roots.

Key Results

Total impressions
of our target for 15-sec video views


  • Hosted Social Video Package
  • Social Amplification Package
”We had a great experience working with the Narcity Canada team for this campaign. From the briefing to the brainstorming and the execution of the video, the team was very efficient and pleasant to work with as well as being open to our requests. The whole creation process was very collaborative between our teams and we greatly appreciated how the Narcity team tookinto consideration our concerns and preferences to ensure the output matched our expectations. The final video is exactly what we had in mind and we are thankful for this partnership.”
- Sarah Dolan, Digital Media Manager at Reitmans Canada Limited

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