REALTORS® become vital figures in Canadian Real Estate, Achieving 4x the Avg. Engagement Time.

Spring '23

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Addressing trust and competency concerns with REALTORS® in Canada, CREA sought to reshape perceptions, focusing on first-time home buyers and sellers. Our strategy championed REALTORS® as trusted advisors to an audience with a keen interest in real estate. We crafted narratives that highlighted the human side of real estate, showcasing how REALTORS® provide invaluable guidance during significant life events, blending expertise with empathy.


The campaign resonated powerfully, exceeding our guaranteed page views. Readers engaged deeply, averaging nearly 3 minutes per article. This success underscored REALTORS® as vital figures in Canada's real estate journey, spotlighting their expertise to a vast audience.

Key Results

Total Impressions
Industry benchmark for
Avg time/Story
Industry benchmark for
avg reads/story


  • 4 custom article
  • Incremental Social Amplification
  • 4 Featured Partner placements

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