Pizza Pizza Achieves 1.5x Engagement Rate, Captivating Audience


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In a strategic partnership, Pizza Pizza collaborated with Rally, Narcity Media Group's dedicated content creator division, to raise awareness of their Valentine's "Third Wheel Wheel Deal." This collaboration focused on creating a video with a fun and playful voice, while putting an entertaining spin on the typical Valentine's Day campaign activation by celebrating 'Third Wheels.'

The campaign included an engaging video on TikTok, where the chosen creators, @thatvancouvercouple has a strong presence. The content featured a humorous take on being a 'third wheel' on Valentine's Day, aligning perfectly with Pizza Pizza's fun and inclusive messaging.


The campaign garnered over 214k views and impressively over 8.4k engagements, including 6.9k+ likes, 113+ comments, 420+ saves, and 1,030+ shares. This engagement level indicates a strong resonance with the target audience. Notably, the engagement rate for the campaign was approximately 4%, which is significantly higher than the TikTok industry benchmark of 2.63% for brand content in 2024​​​ (Rival IQ)​. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the content in capturing and maintaining the audience's attention.

Key Results

1.5 x
The industry benchmark for engagement
8.4k +
Total engagements (incl. likes, comments, saves and shares)
214k +
Video views


  • Rally - Impact (Fully Managed by NMG)
    • 30s vertical video (9x16)
    • Distribution across all of the Creator's social platforms
  • Creator Boost Enablement
''Sean and Lacey were very professional and a joy to work with. They delivered original and high-quality content in a short turnaround that ended up boosting the exposure of our activation.''
- Aileen O'Sullivan at spPR Inc. - Consultant

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