Mucho Burrito campaign hits 4x the pageview targets, impacting in-store traffic

Spring 2023
mucho burrito banner

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Mucho Burrito aimed to drive awareness to their Cinco de Mayo deal in hopes to increase foot traffic for that day. Mucho Burrito decided to target our Canadian audience and more specifically Calgary and Quebec.


Tapping into the different Narcity audiences, they were able to reach and generate a great in-store traffic during Cinco de Mayo. The angle was simple, straight to the point and kept the readers interested for three (3) whole minutes. The content had everything the reader needed to know to get their special promotion.

Key Results

More page views than our benchmark
Average Time Spent On Mini Article
206 400
Total impressions


  • Mini Article Package
“Overall Cinco de Mayo outperformed our brand benchmarks in terms of sales and transactions, so it’s great to see that was consistent in your pages as well.”
- Anita D., Mucho Burrito, MTY Food Group

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