L’Oréal Beauty Outlet  campaign hits 5x the page view target, driving awareness to their Montreal sale


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L’Oréal Canada Beauty Outlet campaigns aimed to drive awareness to their beauty outlet sale in Montreal and reach Quebec’s audience to increase website traffic.


Tapping into MTL Blog and Narcity Quebec’s audiences, they were able to generate a great interest to their outlet sale and website. Throughout different and captivating angles, each campaign reached our audience without being too repetitive. They decided to launch their three (3) campaigns on MTL Blog because of the bigger reach and engagement rate. Their fourth campaign was on Narcity Québec to reach our French-speaking audience and it received 5x the number of page views than our benchmark.

Key Results

15 325
Total reads
Total clicks
591 741
Total impressions


● Mini Article package (x4)

“The mini articles were the perfect format and punctual to remind people of our ongoing sale. We were able to reach a large and relevant audience of potential buyers. The Drive-Thru team was super helpful and reactive!"
- L’Oréal Canada Beauty Outlet

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