Island Health achieves local awareness with Drive-Thru, surpassing engagement targets


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Island Health aimed to widen the reach of their hiring campaign. They sought to attract an increased number of potential applicants to their open positions, specifically focusing on those who might be considering a move to British Columbia.


They tapped into Narcity Canada's extensive readership, leveraging our platform to enhance the effectiveness of their campaign. Narcity combined the objective of their hiring initiative with the appeal of life in British Columbia. The result was a compelling narrative that piqued interest, despite the serious nature of the topic. Using our platform, they distributed the article across various social channels to reach the intended audience. Garnering over 5,000 page views, the campaign far exceeded our typical average by a staggering tenfold.

Key Results

5 023
Total pageviews
CTR for the Facebook post
More clicks received for the Instagram post than our benchmark


  • Mini Article package

“Narcity was great to work with. The partnership helped to spread the word about career opportunities at Island Health and we were pleased with the results.”
- Erin B., Island Health

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