Dove Men+ Care Leverages Content Creator Strategy, Achieving over 4.2M Views

Winter '24

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In a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing brand awareness for their product line, Dove Men+ Care collaborated with Rally, Narcity Media Group's dedicated content creator division. We matched Dove Men+ Care with Nidun, a Toronto-based content creator specializing in lifestyle and fitness. This collaboration focused on creating a video that seamlessly integrated the product in a manner that resonated with authenticity.


The campaign achieved remarkable success, with the video amassing over 4.2 million views. The engagement metrics were equally impressive: over 1,802 likes, 242 shares, and 65 comments, showcasing the campaign's effectiveness in generating genuine interest and interaction. This underscores the impact of leveraging authentic content and a strategic partnership to engage a dedicated audience.

Key Results

4.2M +
Total video views
1.8k +
Total video likes
240 +
Total video shares


  • Rally Starter (fully managed by NMG)
    • 30s vertical video (9x16)
    • Distribution across all of the Creator's social platforms
"This content looks incredible, and I'm super happy with how it turned out."
- Jonah S. Collectively Inc

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