Corner Collection Boosts Montreal Hospitality Hiring, Exceeding Engagement Goals

Summer '23
corner collection

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Corner Collection, a renowned group of hotels, restaurants, and spas, aimed to promote their available positions and attract passionate candidates who are eager to work in the hospitality industry in Montreal.


To achieve their objective, they implemented a comprehensive hiring campaign. The campaign focused on showcasing the unique benefits and opportunities that Corner Collection offers to potential candidates. The campaign generated impressive results across various metrics. Corner Collection experienced a significant increase in pageviews, indicating a high level of interest.The engagement metrics, such as time spent on the website and click-through rates, were above average, indicating that the campaign effectively captured the attention of the target audience. This increased visibility helped in reaching a wider audience and attracting more potential candidates.

Key Results

Our benchmark for avg. time spent on page
Our benchmark for social clicks


Mini Article package - 12 campaigns

“We are very happy with the whole process; it’s been going relatively quickly, and the results have been great. We feel taken care of and that the Narcity team understands our messaging & brand.”
- Stéphanie-Alexandra T., Corner Collection

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