Spotify x Thanks Canada

The Campaign

Canada soundtracks the most important moments of people around the world, but Canadians are too humble to admit it. Canada’s 150th birthday presented a valuable opportunity for Spotify to acknowledge and celebrate Canada’s place in global music. Inviting the world to say “Thanks, Canada” for all its musical contributions and influences its had on the global stage, Spotify approached Narcity Media to help reach out to all Canadian music superfans to get personal anecdotes on why they love Canadian artists and told those stories through this campaign.

Our strategy

Spotify exclusively partnered with Narcity Media to co-create 4 city-specific listicle articles that celebrated the impact of Canadian artists on making each Canadian city great.

The priority was to celebrate Canada’s place in music beyond our borders; the world has a lot to be grateful for when it comes to Canadian music and we want our very own to brag about it.

There’s a lot of talent and great music that has come out of Canada and traveled across borders, reaching music lovers from every corner of the world – that is worth celebrating. And we did just by compiling some of the best Canadian music moments, later maximizing conversation with our Narcity audience on social media to share their favorite artists.

Our results


Key take-aways

Through relatable and pertinent content, we demonstrated our ability to understand and engage people through music. We told a story about our fans and it resonated with them.

We didn’t just show them we understand Canadian music, we showed our audience they understand Canadian music.