Student Price Card

The Campaign

As Canada’s most amazing loyalty card, SPC offers students discounts and deals at thousands of the best stores and restaurants across the country. The brand aimed to boost awareness and grow their consumer base in Quebec, specifically among the French Canadians demographic.

Our job was to showcase all the perks of the loyalty card to generate awareness and drive purchasing interest.

Our strategy

Narcity Media partnered with SPC to create a series of editorial content that was highly targeted towards French Canadians.

The editorials 10 choses qu’on se dit à chaque rentrée scolaire, mais qu’on ne fait jamais  offers relatable struggles that all students face around back-to-school time, whereas 12 deals secrets pour économiser au maximum si tu es un étudiant  lists all the fun discounts students can benefit from with the SPC.
All stories were complemented by an Instagram post on Narcity’s account that drove high social engagement and amplified content reach.

Our results


Key take-aways

SPC and Narcity Media delivered fun and relatable content that resonated with its target audience. Although this was a highly targeted campaign, high engagement and organic conversation among the readers drove massive traffic back to the brand’s properties.

The campaign resulted in over 50K reads, an average 7% CTR (over 3K clicks back to site), 2K social interactions proving how engaged our readers were and positioning SPC perfectly in the midst of it all!