Shomi x Mr. Robot Digital Stunt Amplification

The Campaign

MR. ROBOT’s fictional hacker group fsociety is all about redistributing wealth. So to build intrigue and excitement about the show, MR. ROBOT superfans were recruited to help kick off a real-time scavenger hunt for real cash money hidden around Vancouver & Toronto. Daily clues were given via Instagram on where to find the hidden cash.

Our job was to further amplify the Instagram scavenger hunt through a series of sponsored editorials and Instagram posts.

Our strategy

Narcity Media partnered with Rethink Canada to create multiple pieces of content for different social channels. Each of those posts were amplified to reach the right audience.

The editorial “A Secret Group Is Hiding Free Money Around Toronto” targeted the local Torontonian audience and created a big buzz that got users out the door to find the hidden cash.

The story was complemented by an Instagram post on Narcity Toronto’s account to help build intrigue and surface the scavenger hashtags.

And we didn’t stop there! We worked closely with Rethink Canada and a member of our team actually participated in the scavenger hunt, documenting every step on Snapchat.

Our results


Key take-aways

Our partnership with Rethink Canada meant we were able to deliver relevant content to their target audience, while creating a huge buzz.

We drove awareness and excitement for the Instagram real-time scavenger hunt to MR. ROBOT fans, and even helped garner some new ones.

With 21K total views and over 190K people reached on Facebook, the sponsored content proved to have resonated with our readers – exceeding all campaign expectations!