SAQ x Espace Cocktail Summer Campaign

The Campaign

SAQ’s Espace Cocktail is dedicated to exploring the world of mixed drinks and to helping cocktail enthusiasts whip up delicious creations in a breeze thanks to their new tool. Millennials are invited to discover their favorite mixes and flavors.

SAQ wanted to reach out to the younger Millennial demographic (18-34), so our job was to create a campaign that would relate and speak directly to this crowd, which is our core audience.

Our strategy

Together, Narcity Media and SAQ created 6 pieces of unique content, aligning with Montreal’s various events and festivals and all its opportunity to create a cocktail.

In its first of its kind, Narcity created 4 different story scenarios for Snapchat focused around 4 different Montreal event.

First Fridays Food Truck and Piknic Électronique @ Jardins Gamelin focused on the excitement of the event and pre-gaming with fun drinks! Hot Summer Day demonstrated to our followers how easy it is to whip up a simply cocktail on any given day and La St-Jean invited our audience to get creative with Quebec blue-themed cocktails.

The campaign was also complemented by 2 Instagram posts on MTL Blog and Narcity Montreal’s account that drove high social engagement and amplified content reach.

Our results


Key take-aways

By partnering up with Narcity Media for the Espace Cocktail campaign, SAQ delivered relatable and exciting content that resonated with our core demographic, resulting in very positive results, exceeding all campaign expectations!