MSSS x Stay In Control

The Campaign

For years, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, in collaboration with Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur and other partners, has been producing an information and awareness campaign to to help improve the youth’s understanding of the risks of drugs and alcohol.

For the 29th edition of Drug Awareness Week, MSSS partnered with Narcity Media to generate awareness aimed at preventing the risks and consequences of alcohol and gambling among young people and position MSSS as the go-to organisation for information and awareness.

Our strategy

MSSS and Narcity Media created three unique and interactive pieces of editorial content that aimed to help readers grasp the effects of alcohol and drugs in the relatable context of party and social gatherings.

Most people know of the risks associated with drugs, alcohol and gambling but truly understanding them is different. We focused the campaign on creating content that was relatable and evoked emotions. Les 8 erreurs à ne pas faire quand tu es sur le party and What I’ve Learned From Partying “Hard” In Montreal reminded readers of the consequences of partying a little too hard while Tout ce que j’aimerais dire à cette amie qui consomme… was a heartfelt letter that told the story of a girl concerned about her friend’s substance use.

All posts encouraged readers to share their real stories and emphasized the message of “knowing yourself better” and “being assertive”.

Our results


Key take-aways

By partnering up with Narcity Media for the Stay In Control campaign, MSSS exceeded all campaign goals and inspired conversations around the effects of alcohol and drug consumption.

With over 78K total views and 97% of traffic coming from users of 18-34, the campaign helped position the MSSS as leading support for information and awareness on drugs and alcohol consumption among its intended audience.