Kinka Izakaya x Brand Awareness

The Campaign

KINKA IZAKAYA, a popular izakaya-style restaurant now most famous for its bustling atmosphere, was established in winter of 2015 in the heart of downtown Montreal. When you walk through the doors, you will feel as though you’re dining in Japan.

Our job was to introduce KINKA IZAKAYA as the go-to place for an authentic dining experience of Japanese eateries in Montreal and to drive overall brand awareness.

Our strategy

KINKA partnered with Narcity Media for a creative and engaging video focused on the Japanese-pub dining experience and the boasting menu of a fun variety of traditional and modern specialties.

In the first of its kind, Narcity and KINKA created a fresh and innovative video to capture the overall essence of the restaurant experience.

The video was distributed on MTL Blog’s social properties and was promoted to reach the local Montreal audience that created massive awareness and positive engagement among the viewers.

To bring the video campaign full circle, a sponsored editorial was produced to give our audience the full picture of what makes KINKA such a special place.

Our results


Key take-aways

By creating a fun and innovative video, Narcity Media and KINKA gave viewers a glimpse into its unique dining experience and showcased how the fun and energetic staff is an integral part of what makes KINKA IZAKAYA extraordinary and a cut above the rest.

With 35K total views and over 92K people reached on Facebook, the overall sponsored video campaign resulted in heightened awareness and enthusiasm among its audience.