Hosting with Airbnb in Toronto

The Campaign

Airbnb strives to be the leader in worldwide accommodations for people who seek unique travel experiences. As a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique places around the world – the Airbnb brand aimed to boost the host community in Toronto by highlighting all the benefits of sharing your space as a host with Airbnb to earn extra income.

Our job was to drive awareness and consideration to become an Airbnb host.

Our strategy

Airbnb partnered with Narcity Media to create an editorial piece centered around the high cost of living in Toronto.

Aiming to engage Toronto millennials, the editorial “Here’s How Airbnb Can Pay For Your Rent Or Mortgageaddressed 2 relatable topics: the high cost of living in the city and income opportunity. The post was targeted to the local Toronto audience and focused on all the great perks of hosting. Airbnb and Narcity even collaborated to give first-time participants a cash bonus as an incentive.

Our results


Key take-aways

By partnering up with Narcity Media, Airbnb delivered content that resonated with the target audience. Furthermore, the campaign resulted in several booked listings through the campaign, totalling up to $1000 in cash bonus distributed.

With 6.8K total views, 107K people reached on social and 4.7K post engagement, the sponsored content proved that focusing on stories that are both relevant and valuable to the readers garners the best engagement.