Here’s Why You Should Start Taking Instagram Influencers Seriously Again

By Chuck Lapointe ● October 21, 2016

Earlier in August, Instagram launched their new Business Profiles for Instagram accounts in Canada. As a publisher focusing on targeting millennials in Canada’s biggest cities, Instagram is extremely useful for many reasons. For one, Instagram allows us to showcase the best of our city, show off the events we attend, and allows us to keep a direct and intimate connection with our audience on the platform.

Instagram now has over 8.5 million users in Canada and the average user checks their Instagram 11 times a day, six days a week.


It goes further. We don’t just use Instagram for our organic distribution, but we also use our accounts to promote our sponsored content campaigns. Needless to say, before Instagram released these insight tools, we would have to rely on “likes + comments” for KPIs. Not extremely practical to see who engaged with the post or not.

This all changed with the new Insights offered on Business Profiles and we’re extremely stoked.

For those who don’t know what Business Profiles offer, here’s a quick tour.

Your profile is now more like a Facebook business page

To enable your business account, just go to your settings page (click the top gear icon), scroll at the bottom and click on “Switch to Business Profile”. You will need to connect it to a Facebook page.


You can now view insights per photo on organic posts

Just click on the “View insights” link below the article. you can also promote your photos directly from the app. This is a great way to grow your account or grow your paid sponsored content engagement / visibility.


The best feature in my opinion is the Profile demographics and stats

You can now see your demographics (percentage of male / female), age groups, top posts, and top cities. This will allow us to sell our accounts in a much more targeted way.


We will now be including these amazing insights in our sales deck and hope you will also.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!